Springfield MO Computer Services Ads On Craigslist

Last night I received a phone call from someone else who tries to make a buck or 2 by doing pc, website and network stuff for anyone who needs it in and around Springfield MO. The call was in regards to ads for Springfield MO->services->computers on Craigslist. While I have never placed an ad there I have thought about it and am aware of the ads that are there. Or I should say used to be there.
For the last 6 – 8 weeks, that is how long I have been monitoring it, someone has been consistently flagging and managing to get deleted every single ad for computer services in Springfield Missouri on Craigslist. I only monitor it because I think it is silly and I am curious as to how long they will keep it up. I mean they are on it 24/7 and I check it 3 or 4 times a day.
So I had just checked it about an hour before the phone call and noticed that there were a few ads there and then went on to something else. Well the guy that called me is monitoring ip addresses (I’m easy to track down that way / don’t care) that hit his ads as he is trying to figure out who is doing all the flagging. By the time he called me his ads had been deleted so he suspected it might be me. Like I have time for that.
Whiney baby
I assured him I wasn’t doing any flagging and we discussed who might be doing it. I have no idea who it is but suspect it is someone who owns one of the many computer repair places here in town and they are hurting financially, spending money on advertising they really can’t afford and they don’t like the fact that anyone can place a free ad on CL. Commonly referred to as a Big Baby. Your tears are delicious by the way and I hope you fail.
So heads up out there if you are the one doing it. This guy is trying to find you and you will be confronted regarding your childishness.



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5 Responses to Springfield MO Computer Services Ads On Craigslist

  1. Don Williams says:

    I have also tried posting an ad on Craigs list several times and no matter what time of day it gets flagged. I hope the person or persons that is doing the flagging goes out of business. All I’m trying to do is make an honest living.

  2. games online for kids knights says:

    Author where you can subscribe to the rss feed?

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  4. kahall says:

    Unfortunately Don people who want to can flag and therefore get any ad they want deleted. Craigslist is kind of like the honey badger. They don’t care. Good luck to you.