Planning for IT disaster

Backups of your computer data are the key to getting you business back up and running in a hurry should disaster occur. I see small businesses in Springfield MO and the area that either don’t back up at all or they do not do it adequately. Even if you are using nothing more than Quickbooks to run your business you need to have at least a daily back up. Quickbooks has an online backup solution which is affordable and I recommend you use it. Flash drives also work very well for storing back ups and taking them off site and are easy to use. If you need help getting a back up solution for your business give me a call.

Three Quarters of European Businesses Might Not Recover from a Disaster

74% of organisations are not very confident that they can fully recover after a disaster, according to a new survey of 1,750 European companies
54% surveyed have lost data and/or suffered systems downtime in the last year
61% report hardware failure as the primary cause of data loss and downtime; natural disasters and employee sabotage being much less likely culprits
43% of organisations cite loss of employee productivity as the single biggest economic impact
28% point to lost revenue as a result of a disaster
40% of organisations still use tape for recovery and 80% of these organisations want to replace tape all together, highlighting the need for next generation backup and recovery



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